Question: Jv3x3

What is a JV4?

I believe you are referring to a JV4 Stock and in which case IIRC it means that you just beat someone with %0 and with 3 stocks left.

JV referring to a player named JV3X3 who made up the term..

Why is it called JV5?

JV5 is a cheeky joke off of that. That was coined before any kind of “perfect game” term could be coined (EDIT: in the smash scene), and there’s really no need for two of the same. TL;DR bragging rights. Having an extra stock sounds better when you are bragging.

What are stocks in Smash?

Stock is the term the Super Smash Bros. series uses to describe what many other games call lives. In the Solo modes, such as Classic Mode, using up all the players’ stocks brings them to the Game Over screen, where they may be offered the option to Continue at a price.

How do you steal a life in Smash Bros?

In both Brawl and SSB4, the announcer will say “Share Stock!” (“Share Player Stock!” in the Japanese version) by pressing the A and B buttons together. In Ultimate, he will instead say “Restocked!”. If a team has multiple living players, the stock will be taken from the lowest-numbered player.

What is a JV 3?

A JV 3 stock is when you win with 2 stocks and 0% damage. … Basically, it was almost a 4 stock but you died from the last hit you took. The name comes from the player JV3x3 who made the phrase popular.

What does JV mean in Smash Bros?

JV basically means you win the game at 0% yourself. The number after the JV +1 represents the stocks you still have left. A JV3 would be winning with yourself at 0% and still 2 stocks remaining. JV4 is winning with 3 stocks and JV5 is winning with 4 stocks remaining.

How do you share stock Ultimate?

Super Smash Bros Ultimate: How To Share Stock Stock sharing is triggered by the downed player, so try not to upset your teammate by pinching one at the wrong moment! If you’ve been downed and your ally has more than one life available, press A+B together to take one of them and get back in the fight.

How do you restock Smash Bros?

This is initiated, by the defeated player, by pressing Start/Pause in Super Smash Bros. and Melee and A+B in Brawl, SSBWU/3DS, and Ultimate when out of lives. Naturally, this can only be done in a team stock match, where a teammate has more than one stock remaining.

What is a disjoint in Smash?

In fighting game lingo, a disjointed hit box is when the hit box of an attack (the part that can harm your opponent) is separate from the hurt box of the attack (the part where your opponent can harm you).